This Is It

The day we’ve all been working toward for so long is almost here. I can’t wait to get there, and get through it, and get to the other side, and I’m sure many of you feel the same. We can do this. Hell, we’ve been doing this, some of us for years, some of us before Trump stumbled backwards into the White House. The work won’t be over in a month, but the work will change soon, as we enter a bright new era in our country’s history… if we don’t let up in this home stretch.

(We may even flip Texas! Along with Beto, Bernie, Stacey, Willie, Oprah and more, you can help make it happen.)

Climate Action Is a Winning Issue

Varshini Prakash and John Podesta for The Nation: Donald Trump Wants a Fight on the Green New Deal. So Do We.

New polling from Climate Power 2020 finds 71 percent favor bold government action on climate change, while only 18 percent oppose it. And talking about climate moves votes for Democrats. When presented as a choice between aDemocratic congressional candidate in favor of bold climate action and an anti-action Republican, the vote moves 14 points in the Democrat’s favor. This jump is even bigger—21 points—for centrist Republican and Democratic voters. These numbers are astronomical, and they make clear that running aggressively on climate is the Democratic Party’s biggest political opportunity this election.

…Running boldly on tackling the climate crisis, running on a Green New Deal, these are policies that can be popular in all 50 states. Democrats should run toward, not away from these fights. The evidence is clear: If we loudly make the case for bold climate action, we will win.

Taking Mitch’s Gavel

From a recent email from the wonderful group Swing Left:

Whenever we talk about the Senate, we get some version of the same question in our inboxes: why aren’t we trying to unseat Mitch?

The answer is: we are, just not directly. Mitch McConnell is the most unpopular Senator in the country. He’s done nothing for his constituents. But Kentucky is a ruby red state, and flipping this one seat, no matter how satisfying, won’t give Democrats control of the Senate—another terrible Republican would just take up the mantle as Senate majority leader.

For the price of contesting his seat, we can have a huge impact on several races across the country—races that could decide control of the entire Senate. Democrats need to flip just four seats to win the majority. So instead of focusing on one seat, we’re working to flip the eight more-winnable Senate seats in North Carolina, Georgia, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Maine, and Iowa. In these races, our dollars and time will make the biggest impact.

If you want to beat Mitch and elect a Democratic Senate that could pass decades of progressive legislation, donate to the Senate Fund today. Every single dollar goes directly to eight Democratic candidates running in the most winnable Senate races.

Do it: pitch in to ditch Mitch.

Write Letters to Voters with VoteFWD

Want to get out the vote in key states from the comfort of your own home? Indivisible is excited to be partnering this election cycle with VoteFWD. VoteFWD provides activists with names, addresses and a data-driven proven template to write letters to voters in important states. Letter writers will save their letters and send them right before the election so that voters receive them at the perfect, most-strategic moment.

This is a perfect way for your group to stay active during social distancing. Writing letters is both a safe, remote activity and proven effective! It’s a way to make an impact from home and can also be a great activity to do “together” over video chats.

It’s easy and rewarding. VoteFWD has quick and straightforward instructions on how to get started and how to mail your letters. They have also run several tests and this particular letter format is proven to increase turnout!

Recruit new volunteers and engage existing members. Letter writing is a perfect activity to bring in new volunteers and engage existing members, since folks may be more comfortable to start with letter writing before working their way up to door knocking and phone calling.

Get started today! Signing up is simple, you can follow the link here. And take a look at this resource for ideas about how to strengthen your group through letter writing.

(Learn more about how to build your group and support fundraising on the Indivisible site.)

Take Action in Solidarity with Black Lives

You’ve probably already started, but this page from Indivisible is a good starting place, too (or a resource to restart). Background, calls to action, resources to learn more, and ways to contribute. A small sample:

We have a national crisis of white supremacist violence against Black people in this country. In the past 10 years alone, we witnessed the deaths of thousands of Black people at the hands of police. Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, and Philando Castile are just some of the names of those we’ve lost to racialized police violence. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only created more opportunities for police to question and detain Black people. In New York City, for example, from March 16 to May 5, over half of the summonses issued related to social distancing enforcement were issued to Black residents even though they make up only a quarter of the city’s residents.

One of the key ways to limit police violence in the future is by decreasing funding for police forces and carceral institutions, and investing that money in programs, especially in Black communities, that support people’s well-being —things like schools, nutrition assistance, addiction treatment, social workers, and more. Our recommendation is to follow the lead of the Movement for Black Lives by calling to defund police forces and invest in communities; you can make a call to your local officials using our script here.