Taking Mitch’s Gavel

From a recent email from the wonderful group Swing Left:

Whenever we talk about the Senate, we get some version of the same question in our inboxes: why aren’t we trying to unseat Mitch?

The answer is: we are, just not directly. Mitch McConnell is the most unpopular Senator in the country. He’s done nothing for his constituents. But Kentucky is a ruby red state, and flipping this one seat, no matter how satisfying, won’t give Democrats control of the Senate—another terrible Republican would just take up the mantle as Senate majority leader.

For the price of contesting his seat, we can have a huge impact on several races across the country—races that could decide control of the entire Senate. Democrats need to flip just four seats to win the majority. So instead of focusing on one seat, we’re working to flip the eight more-winnable Senate seats in North Carolina, Georgia, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Maine, and Iowa. In these races, our dollars and time will make the biggest impact.

If you want to beat Mitch and elect a Democratic Senate that could pass decades of progressive legislation, donate to the Senate Fund today. Every single dollar goes directly to eight Democratic candidates running in the most winnable Senate races.

Do it: pitch in to ditch Mitch.