New Service: Free Email Forwarding

I happened to stumble recently on, a slick, free service that allows you to have email addresses for your domain, but without having to pay for or manage full email service. Instead, messages are simply forwarded to whatever existing email address you already have (GMail, Hotmail, Fastmail (save 10% with that affiliate link, btw), whatever).

Suppose, for example, you run the site With this service you could have a working email address like forwarded to an existing email like You can have as many of these aliases as you want, for free.

Why not get real email service for your group? You can sure do that, and it might make sense. But I’ve been involved with managing email for nonprofits in the past, and it can be a real pain in the butt, with little real advantage. There’s a good bit of administration and frequent troubleshooting, all so that the already-busy leaders of your group can juggle yet another email account.

If the main thing you want is the legitimacy of email addresses with your domain name so that people can send you messages, this solution is easy and free. If you decide to upgrade to a full email service provider later, this is easy to turn off and won’t hinder that process a bit.

To be clear, you don’t need me or a site on to use this. You can go to and do it yourself, no problem. But if your site is hosted here, then we probably manage your DNS already, and that’s where the configuration for this service happens. Also, I’m here as always to help you set up and manage it! Just tell me what email address you want, and where it should go, and I’ll take care of all the technical details.

If you’re interested, just get in touch via this form (or via this new forwarded address I just set up:!).