About Indivisible.blue

The Quick Pitch

✓ You want to #resist the reckless, corrupt, and destructive agenda of the Trump Administration and the GOP Congress.

✓ You found or heard about the Indivisible Guide and the groundswell movement it’s igniting, and you’ve started to organize with like-minded citizens in your city, congressional district, or state.

✓ Your group has a Twitter account and/or a Facebook page and/or Signal messages…

✓ …And now you want a full website of your own, where you can post your Member of Congress’ contact info, FAQs, or blog posts about the next call to action… but you’re not sure where or how to get that.

That’s what Indivisible.blue is here for: providing easy, minimal-cost WordPress hosting for your group. Send me a subdomain and the email address of your first admin(s), and I’ll have you up and running the same day.

(Jump to the contact form at the bottom of the page if you’re already sold.)

The Who, What, & Why

Hi, I’m Chris, a software developer in Texas. My heart broke on November 9th, 2016, and I wasn’t sure what to do with myself… until I read the Indivisible Guide, and heard there were a bunch of like-minded citizens in Austin. I was in.

As I heard about the explosive growth of the Indivisible movement, I thought about all the groups sprouting up that would soon want their own website. And I thought about how many of them will choose to use the popular, powerful, and well-supported WordPress platform, just as my fellow Austinites had already done.

Then I thought of all those WordPress installations, all the configurations fussed over, all the updates and patches to be applied, all the similar problems being figured out over and over again. But if those sites were all part of a single “network” WordPress installation, then a lot of that duplicated effort disappears. And that’s exactly what Indivisible.blue is.

Indivisible.blue is here to save time and energy that can be better spent on the actual work of keeping our nation #indivisible.

Questions you may have

What’s with the ‘.blue’ domain name?

I wanted to keep the “indivisible” name right up front, but the best common domains – indivisible.net, indivisible.com, etc. – were already taken. Of the newer, less-common domains ‘indivisible.blue’ was available and and not too expensive. As far as we’re opposing Trump and the GOP – typically portrayed with the color red – I thought blue made sense, and had a certain ring to it. (For the record, this is not an effort of the Democratic party, or limited to those who consider themselves members of it.)

I like it, can my group have a URL that ends in “indivisible.blue”?

You sure can, and in fact that’s the faster, easier, least expensive way to set it up. Your site will have a “subdomain”, which means the URL will be like this example site at exampleville.indivisible.blue. That can be your city name, or a district identifier, or whatever makes sense.

I actually don’t like it, can my group have a totally different URL?

Yes! It’ll be up to you to register that domain (I can help, if you need it), and then do a little DNS setup to use my nameservers. Then your site will work with your URL, with no trace of “indivisible.blue” to your visitors.

Why WordPress? Can I use other software, like Drupal?

WordPress is a very capable, frequently updated, and widely supported content-management system (CMS). More to my point, it’s the one I’m familiar with, and is well-suited to hosting multiple sub-sites. This whole thing is WordPress and WordPress only. If you want to use Drupal or Jekyll or something else, go for it! (But you’re on your own.)

Do I have to use your theme?

There are many “themes” available for use with WordPress, many of which are free. We have a few that are already installed and available on the network, which you can try out. If there is another theme that you want, let me know and I can install and activate it on the network.

There’s a WordPress plugin that will help us, can you install it?

Probably! I want Indivisible.blue to provide a set of good, useful plugins that make running your site easier. If there’s functionality you need or a plugin you know of that will help you, let me know and we’ll get it going.

What will this cost me?

The cost will be somewhere between nothing and a few dollars per month. The first thing to know is: the one and only purpose of Indivisible.blue is to help Indivisible Groups, not ever to make a single penny in profit. It’s a volunteer effort with minimal costs, which will be shared as equitably as possible; see the financials page for current details.

Note that if you register your own domain (that is, if you don’t use a subdomain on the “indivisible.blue” domain), you’ll pay your registrar directly for that, typically under $20/year.

I know some WordPress stuff, can I help out?

Yes! The last thing I want is to be a bottleneck in groups getting their website set up, updated, or fixed. The more help I can get, the better! Drop me a line with the contact form below!


Have more questions, or want to talk about getting started or helping out? Get in touch!

Statue of Liberty header image courtesy Hardat Baraf, Flickr.


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