Indivisible Network

Network Financials

I’m doing this to support the Indivisible movement, not to make any money. Not a penny, not today, not ever. (Giving your time and energy for the good of one’s country, and not trying to make a buck, how about that, Mr. President?)

From the start of this project, I wanted to make sure it would be sustainable over the long years ahead of fighting the Trump/GOP agenda. The main cost by far is hosting, currently at DigitalOcean. They provide reliable, inexpensive, and easily upgradeable service (with a referral program; sign up with that link and we get hosting credit!).

This Service is Free

As of Sep. 6, 2017 – since growth in the number of sites has leveled off, and a couple of donations have helped offset costs, I’m comfortable in stating that hosting will continue to be free for all sites. For the number of sites, and the relatively low cost, my original plan of dividing that cost among everyone is simply not worth the trouble. I still gratefully accept donations (see below), but if and when those funds aren’t available, I’ll pay’s costs out of pocket.

Full, detailed accounting info is available in this Google Sheet.


Want to pitch in some money to help individual groups maintain an independent web presence and improve communications in their community? You can do that via PayPal at Any amount is appreciated!

Note that this is not tax-deductible or a charity in any way, shape, or form. However, I promise that 100% of your gift will go to the costs of running this network of Indivisible sites, and will be documented in the financial records linked above.